Saturday, August 15, 2009

Twist and Shout

It is August and Congress is on recess and the health debate fills the air. The repudiated Republican Party has used this time to recruit their ignorant base to twist and shout during town meetings to disrupt any meaningful discourse between elected officials and the people who elected them in the first place.

This is a tactic of desperation and a dangerous one too. This Republican base does not only twist and shout, they also commit murder against doctors they disagree with, deny science altogether and for the most part are are a pretty scary bunch. This entire attempt to co-opt the democratic process reminds me very much of early Nazi Germany. Who would have thought we would see it here. It goes beyond nonsense. It is treason.

Common sense informs us that health care is a natural right for all people. Health care is what the Republican dogs of war like to talk about, but that is not what they are talking about, really.
They are talking about private for profit health insurance. High quality health care will remain the same, regardless of the payment process, for the wealthy anyway if nothing changes.

It is only common sense to take the profit motive out of health insurance. Life and death matters should be left up to the actual medical concerns without a for profit death squad deciding who lives or dies. That is only common sense, my friends.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why Obama Is Wrong On Health Care

This issue is really quite simple. President Obama is trying to reform a corrupt system which does not work by making deals with Republicans raised by wolves who howl every time when even the remote thought of working for a meal arises. Their moneyed masters have given them free reign of the chicken coop for decades and that system has worked well for them, until lately. They do not know how to hunt on their own and cannot survive if thrown into the political wilderness.

Yet these Republicans raised by wolves can snarl and bite and put on quite a show if their free meal ticket seems in danger. This is what they are doing now. This is only common sense for Republicans raised by wolves, it is a matter of political survival. Already the pack has declined greatly and all are fearful of starving if the masters chicken coop disappears altogether.

President Obama seems wary of striding right in and removing the masters free meal chicken coop. The thinking seems to be that the hungry Republicans raised by wolves are still dangerous because they howl and snap. Obama is the new cop on the block sent by the people to deal with the wolf pack masters. He is well armed and capable of the job, everything is on his side, yet he hesitates and talks about removing only half of the masters chicken coop for Republicans raised by wolves rather than removing it altogether.

So what is the new cop on the block to do? The common sense answer is nothing because the masters of the Republicans raised by wolves are running out of chickens to steal from the honest people and in a short time the Republicans raised by wolves will starve.

For those who did not get the story here is the simple version: For profit health insurance has to go completely because it corrupts the system. Single payer non profit health insurance covering everyone is the only option which even approaches common sense. If Obama thinks he can compromise on this he is wrong and is wasting political capital on nonsense.

Friday, July 10, 2009

He Defects, Deflects Defects Again And Wins?

Pedro Espana Jr. the conflicted and confused NYS Senator who did not for a month know if he was a Democract or Republican and in doing so cost New York State billions of dollars has finally decided he is a Democrat after all. Pedro has come home after making his ransom price clear. Make me Senate Leader and I will be a proud Democrat again.

Well the ransom was paid and Pedro is the New York State Senate Leader with little else to recommend him other than his shameless performance. Perhaps the more shameless performance was that of the NYS Senate in giving in to the man who kidnapped an entire state.

Common sense and nonsense. Pedro wants a stinking badge and holds up a state to get it. The trusted
authorities quake and give in to the bandit. The strange thing about this bad movie script was there was a cop on the scene. Governor David Paterson appointed a Lt Governor the day before the bandit Pedro Espana Jr. returned to his party as a loyal Democract demanding a badge.

The only common sense hero here is Governor David Paterson, a day early but still too late to stop the nonsense of the cowardly senators paying the ransom to the bandit.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He Wanders In He Wanders Out But Is It Law?

The NYS Senate saga continues. The duel in the NYS Senate got even stranger today when Republican Senator Padavan (Queens, NY) apparently wandered into the senate chamber while it was in session by mistake. He was the only Republican there but with the evenly divided NYS Senate the Democratic NYS Senators, declared him present, giving them a quorum, they passed laws saving the state about 1.9 billion dollars.

The issue is when a senator is on the floor, he is counted as present even if he is wandering aimlessly about and then wanders out. There is a quorum and laws can be passed according to the rules of the senate. Well, by the time dear old Padavan wandered out, non-controversial laws giving aid to localities were passed. For the most part they would have saved home owners huge tax increases and given localities funds for essential services.

One might think the King of Queens wandering in and out might have been a good thing. The Democratic Governor does not think so though. Governor Paterson vows to veto all laws passed while Senator Padavin was wandering about the senate floor because he assumes Senator Padavan was unaware of what he was doing. So the saga continues.

Nonsense or common sense? Sometimes things get beyond either and become beyond belief.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Some Thoughts On The Passing Of Jackson

I will keep this brief as I was never a fan of the King of Pop and although I mourn the death of all individuals, I mourn the death of the news media more. Since the instant of his death, Michael Jackson has dominated every media world wide. Certainly, this is a significant obituary and worthy of note, but when it dominates all other news there is something seriously wrong with news media.

Common sense informs us other important events are occurring in the world which the media will bury with the passing of Jackson. Although, I do mourn the passing of Jackson, I mourn the passing of responsible media more. Major media has embraced nonsense and is just as dead as Jackson.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tales Of The Appalachian Trail

If we are to believe nonsense the Appalachian Trail is much longer than commonly assumed. Case in point, Republican Governor Sanford of South Carolina missing for a week has returned from his hike down this celebrated trail and managed to hike all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Of course, with this nonsense the truth quickly came out with the usual tears and apologies. For many this will be a scandal of the first order as it has all the common elements. It has sex, infidelity, lies and intrigue on too many levels to mention. This story will dominate the news for days and perhaps for weeks. Perhaps Governor Sanford will have to resign, much as Eliot Spitzer did in New York. Right now, we don't know.

So this is a false tale of the
Appalachian Trail as geography fans will note. The Appalachian Trail does not go through South Carolina, nor does it reach Argentina. It does go right through Albany, New York though where common sense and nonsense are currently colliding and this is the tale of the Appalachian Trail I want to talk about.

As much as media might want to focus on Governor Sanford's affair, there is a larger circus going on right here in Albany, the state capital of NY. Sometime before the Sanford affair and before the stolen election in Iran, Republicans in the NY Senate conspired to corrupt the orderly affairs of government Leading the charge was one billionaire, late from NY but currently a resident of Florida because he did not want to pay his fair share of of NY taxes as everyone else does.

Anyway, promises were made and two Democratic senators, both under criminal allegations and charges defect from their party affiliation and a coup is staged in a power grab. The success of the coup is still undetermined. The billionaire ran away and hid, one of the senators, who was Queen For A Day or so, changed party affiliation yet again leaving a real problem as the NY Senate is evenly split and no one is in charge.

As of this writing, the fight continues and NYS government is effectively shut down. Essential services cannot be provided because the senate is deadlocked

If you live in South Carolina, consider yourself lucky because you have a nonsense tale of the Appalachian Trail involving only adultery. Here in Albany, New York we have a serious problem involving politicians under indictment, more than willing to be bribed by billionaires from other states no matter what the cost is to the people and local government.

Here in River City, right along the Appalachian Trail though we are in trouble with a capital T. Common sense does not exist here. We cannot remove these rouge senators and the prosecutors involved with law enforcement have no interest in enforcing the laws we do have involving the bribery of public officials.

Common sense and nonsense, sometimes they are hard to define.

Friday, June 19, 2009

About This Blog

This blog will contain what it claims to contain, common sense and nonsense as well. The literate reader should be able to distinguish between the two. The intelligent reader may be befuddled as is often the case, common sense and nonsense sometimes seem indistinguishable. The brilliant reader should get it though, knowing common sense and nonsense are only two sides of the same coin.

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